Clean your shoes anytime, anywhere with our travel-friendly shoe cleaning kit. This 5-piece kit includes everything you need for a quick, easy, and effective clean on-the-go.


    Add water to the travel cleaning bowl. Apply a squirt of cleaning solution.


    Dip brush in the travel cleaning bowl. Scrub shoes with the all-purpose brush.

  • DRY

    Wipe dry with the microfiber towel and leave shoes to air dry. Rinse brush and towel before storing.

Shoe safety above all

Some materials are more delicate than others. 
Not sure how to clean your shoes?


Is this the right product for you?

The Travel Kit is perfect for those on the go! Compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly, it's your ideal companion for keeping shoes fresh anywhere you go.

What sets it apart is its convenience and portability without compromising quality or performance. No matter where life takes you – be it a business trip, a relaxing vacation, or your daily adventures – this kit seamlessly fits into your bag or luggage.

What's included in the Travel Kit?

The kit includes:
- 3.4 Oz. liquid cleaner
- All-purpose shoe brush
- Microfiber towel
- Travel cleaning bowl
- Travel pouch

Is the Liquid Cleaner safe for all materials?

Our non-toxic liquid cleaner is made from coconut oil derivatives. It is best for canvas, cotton, knit, mesh. Also safe on leather, nylon, plastic, rubber, vinyl.

What is the All-purpose Brush for?

The all-purpose brush is your ultimate cleaning buddy! It's incredibly versatile and designed to handle a wide range of materials with ease.

It is gentle on delicate materials and also a tough warrior against stubborn stains. No need to worry about damaging any material – our all-purpose brush is engineered to clean effectively without causing harm.

The bristles are made from synthetic materials, we don't use animal hair ♥

How long for my shoes to dry?

Since we know you're on the move, we get that you want your shoes to be clean ASAP. Just a heads up, the wetter they are, the longer they'll take to dry. To speed things up, let them dry indoors in a well-ventilated spot and use a microfiber towel to get rid of extra water.

Keep in mind, it might take up to 2 days for porous materials (like mesh and knit) to be totally dry.

The Microfiber Towel ends up very dirty. What do I do with it?

Great! That means your shoes end up clean.

Our microfiber towel is machine washable and built to last, so you can use it over and over again. Since we know you're always on the go, you can also easily hand wash it—it's easier than you might think! Just let it air dry, and it'll be good to go for the next shoe cleaning session ♻️

Do Shoozas products remove yellowing from white soles?

The yellowing you are noticing could be due to oxidation, a chemical reaction that causes certain materials to yellow. In such cases, our liquid cleaner won't be effective since it can't address oxidation. On the bright side, at least now you know what oxidation is! 😎

Shoozas Studio offers de-yellowing restoration services performed by professionals.