Canvas is a breathable, lightweight, and versatile material and it's on many popular sneakers. Think: Vans, Converse, Superga, SBs, and other favorites.

Today, canvas is made out of cotton/linen/plastic but it was originally woven with hemp, which explains its name! Canvas derives from the latin "cannabis" (made of hemp)... And that was your random fact of the day, now, let's talk cleaning.

Canvas shoes are made of fabric, and just like with clothing, dirt gets trapped in the fabric's threads. If you are thinking washing-machine, let me stop you there: not all canvas shoes are made the same, and while the washing machine may work magic for some models, it can ruin others. Because of this, hand-washing canvas shoes is the better alternative.

If your shoes are extremely dirty, don't worry, you can get the results you want, it'll just take longer. Canvas is a durable fabric that can withstand lots of scrubbing.

Let's get started!

1. Remove laces from shoe. 


2. Shake and pump Shoozas Foam Cleaner directly on the shoe. The dirtier the sneaker, the more foam you'll need.


3. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Like there's no tomorrow. The Shoozas all-purpose brush is firm & gentle and will not damage canvas.


4. Wipe cleaning mat with the Shoozas microfiber towel before moving to clean the laces.


5. Repeat the steps above for the laces. If your laces are very dirty, consider soaking them in water before this step.


6. You just finished an amazing arm workout! Now go relax, and let your shoes air dry indoors.

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Great post very helpful for cleaning my canvas shoes!


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