Everything you need for an easy, dry, and delicate clean. Easily remove marks, scuffs, stains, and restore the nap on your favorite suede shoes.


    Gently brush shoes in one direction to remove any loose dirt accumulated from daily wear and outdoor activities. Pro tip: regular brushing prevents dirt from embedding into materials.


    For general cleaning and water marks, use the white end of the eraser, and if you encounter stubborn stains, switch to the gray end for some extra oomph!


    Brush the suede or nubuck in one direction. This action restores the nap, reviving the natural soft and velvety texture and appearance of the material.

Shoe safety above all

Some materials are more delicate than others. 
Not sure how to clean your shoes?


Is this the right product for you?

This kit is specifically designed to restore the natural look and feel of your suede footwear and accessories.

What sets it apart is its focus on delicate materials. Unlike our other kits, it follows a dry cleaning approach, ensuring safe and effective cleaning without risking water damage.

What's included in the Suede Kit?

The kit includes:
- Double-sided eraser
- Suede cleaning brush

What is the Suede Brush used for?

The Suede brush is used to clean delicate materials. Its soft and fine bristles are designed to reset the nap, giving your suede items that fresh and velvety appearance. This brush won't cause any damage as it's not too stiff for the delicate suede fibers.

The bristles are made from synthetic materials, we don't use animal hair ♥

What is the Suede Eraser used for?

Our suede eraser is a game-changer! It's double-sided, with a white end for general cleaning and a gray end for tackling stubborn stains. Whether it's scuffs, marks, or watermarks on your suede and nubuck shoes, this eraser will remove them without damaging the delicate nap.

What's the best way to clean shoes with a mix of suede and other materials?

For shoes with a mix of suede and other materials, we recommend using our Suede Kit in combination with either our Signature Kit or In-depth Kit.

Our Signature Kit is ideal for cleaning leather, plastic, rubber, and soles.

Our In-depth Kit is perfect for materials like mesh, knit, cotton, plastic, rubber, leather, and soles.

Remember to be cautious with the suede part and avoid getting it wet. If the suede is extremely dirty and cannot be cleaned with the dry method using the Suede Kit, you can try using our foam or liquid cleaner. After cleaning, make sure to let the shoes dry completely before using the suede brush to reset the nap.

Since suede is delicate, if you're unsure about cleaning it yourself, feel free to send your shoes to our studio for a professional service. We'll take great care of them!