In-Depth Shoe Cleaning Kit

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Bundle and save!: In-Depth Kit

Our most powerful shoe cleaning kit yet. This 6-piece kit includes everything you need for a deep and thorough clean.

Cleans 10+ pairs. All other tools are reusable.

What's in this kit?

- 4 Oz. premium liquid cleaner
- Cleaning mat
- Cleaning bowl
- All-purpose shoe brush
- Stiff brush
- Microfiber towel

Best for

Our non-toxic liquid cleaner is made from coconut oil derivatives. It is safe on your skin, all colors, and works best on mesh, knit, cotton, plastic, rubber, leather, soles. Also safe on: leather, nylon, plastic, rubber, vinyl.

Ourpriority is to improve the look and performance of your shoes. And we get it! We are also very protective of our shoes so if you have any
questions, we are here to help.

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Bundle and save!: In-Depth Kit












Experience deep cleaning

Our In-Depth kit is designed to deeply penetrate fabric fibers.

Our cleaning solution is made from coconut oil derivates. Completely safe for your shoes and skin!

Our most powerful kit yet comes with just the 6 tools designed for to bring your shoes back to life.

The Shoozas Method


Place dirty shoes on the Shoozas cleaning mat. Add water to the Shoozas cleaning bowl. Apply a squirt of cleaning solution.


Dip Shoozas brush in the cleaning bowl and scrub shoes. Use the stiff brush for the soles and the all-purpose brush for the uppers.


Wipe dry with the microfiber towel and leave shoes to air dry. Rinse brushes and cleaning mat with water before storing. Wash the microfiber towel before using again.


All the questions about our In-Depth Kit answered!

If you have a question not listed here please ask us using the chat bubble or contact form!

Is this the right product for you?

Our In-depth Kit is the ideal choice for cleaning washable and porous materials. If you're seeking a detailed and thorough clean, this kit is the perfect pick.

What sets it apart is its superior effectiveness, as the liquid deeply penetrates fabric fibers, effortlessly lifting up dirt and grime. It's our most complete kit, ensuring exceptional cleaning results.

How to use the In-Depth Kit?

See The Shoozas Method above for details.

What's included in the In-Depth Kit?

The In-depth Kit includes:
-4 Oz. liquid cleaner
-Cleaning bowl
-Cleaning mat
-All-purpose shoe brush
-Stiff shoe brush
-Microfiber towel

Is the Liquid Cleaner safe for all materials?

Our non-toxic liquid cleaner is made from coconut oil derivatives. It is best for canvas, cotton, knit, mesh. Also safe on leather, nylon, plastic, rubber, vinyl.

What's the Cleaning Mat for?

Our mat is the first ever portable shoe cleaning station. It protects
counters and allows for a quick clean-up. It is waterproof and foldable. Clean your shoes anywhere without making a mess. Just wipe or rinse
clean after using!

What are the All-purpose and Stiff brushes used for?

Our stiff brush is designed for cleaning soles, while the all-purpose brush is perfect for cleaning uppers. It's worth noting that both of our brushes have synthetic bristles, ensuring they are cruelty-free and not made from animal hair. ♥️

How long for my shoes to dry?

Shoes may take up to 2 days to fully dry. Try the Shoozas Foam Cleaner as a quick-dry alternative.

I have the kit and now I just need the cleaner. Can I buy it separately?

Yes! Our 6.7 Oz individual liquid cleaner will be available on February 2024. Stay tuned!

The Microfiber Towel ends up very dirty. What do I do with it?

Great! That means your shoes end up clean.

Our microfiber towel is machine washable and looong-lasting. You can also choose to wash it by hand and use it again and again ♻️

Do Shoozas products remove yellowing from white soles?

The yellowing you're noticing could be due to oxidation, a chemical reaction that causes certain materials to yellow. In such cases, our liquid cleaner won't be effective since it can't address oxidation. On the bright side, at least now you know what oxidation is! 😎

Shoozas Studio offers de-yellowing restoration services performed by professionals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julia solomon
Incredible results with so little effort!

My daughter stepped in dog poop with her gorgeous Italian velvet dress shoes. I wanted a product that Wouls not damage the shoe and would get rid of the odor. Shoozas online chat helped recommend which product. The product came right away, easy instructions and incredible results! Smell is gone, no stain and the color and fabric stayed beautiful! Magic!!!

Stephanie Bennaim
Shoe Cleaning Lifesaver!

I recently tried this cleaning kit, and it's a must-have for busy moms like me. It works like magic, quickly removing scuffs from my kids' shoes. It's easy to use, compact, and a total lifesaver... highly recommended

Steffi Haime
YES YES YES!!! Thank you for creating this product!

There is nothing that bothers me more than a dirty shoe. And this product exceeded my expectations. If you are thinking on getting it. Just buy it!!

Karen Fich
the best shoe cleaning product ever

I purchased the in depth shoe cleaning kit to get rid of wear stains on my cloth knitted shoes. shoozas got the stains out so quickly!
the packaging was so beautiful with 2 brushes, mat, towel, cleaning product, and a reusable collapsible cup. i’m highly recommend this product and will purchase again! 5 stars is not enough!

Alexandra Cohen
Great product!

The In-Depth Shoe Cleaning Kit is a game-changer for shoe lovers like me. It's comprehensive, easy to use, and delivers outstanding results. My shoes look brand new, and I love that it's gentle on delicate materials. The kit's durability and versatility make it worth every penny. Highly recommended!