Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit

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Bundle and save!: Signature Kit

Everything you need for a quick, easy and effective clean. Ideal for frequent shoe cleaning and maintenance. Fresh sneakers in minutes, no need to add water!

Foam Cleans 8+ pairs. All other tools are reusable.

What's in this kit?

- 5 oz. premium foam cleaner
- Cleaning mat
- All-purpose shoe brush
- Microfiber towel

Best for

Quick cleaning and maintenance of non-porous materials like leather,
plastic, rubber, and soles. Designed to deliver effective results
without the need for soaking.

Our priority is to improve the look and performance of your shoes. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Bundle and save!: Signature Kit






Experience mess-free cleaning

Our foam cleaner never needs water. Just apply directly to your shoes and start scrubbing!

Our cleaning solution is made from coconut oil derivates. Completely safe for your shoes and skin!

Dry excess foam with the Shoozas microfiber towel and you are ready to go!

The Shoozas Method


Place dirty shoes on the Shoozas cleaning mat. Shake well and pump foam cleaner directly on dirty areas. Always test a small area first.


Scrub shoes in circular motion with the all-purpose brush. Start with the uppers and move towards the soles.


Remove the excess foam with the microfiber towel and leave shoes to air dry indoors. Rinse the brush and the cleaning mat with water before storing.


All the questions about our Signature Kit answered!

If you have a question not listed here please ask us using the chat bubble or contact form!

Is this the right product for you?

This is our "must-have" kit. A perfect pick for those with shoes that require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Use on non-porous materials like leather, plastic, rubber, and soles for best results.

What makes our Signature Kit stand out is how incredibly quick and easy it is to use. We've designed it to make clean-up a breeze. Plus, our quick-dry formula means your shoes will be good to go in just a matter of minutes. Athletes, adventurers, parents of young children, this kit is for you!

How to use the Signature Kit?

Just pump, scrub, dry, and go! See The Shoozas Method above for details.

What's included in the Signature Kit?

The kit includes:
-5 Oz. premium foam cleaner
-Cleaning mat
-All-purpose shoe brush
-Microfiber towel

Is the Foam Cleaner safe for all materials?

Our non-toxic foam cleaner is made from coconut oil derivatives. It is best for: leather, plastic, rubber, soles.

Opt for our In-Depth Kit for canvas, cotton, knit, mesh, nylon, vinyl shoes.

What's the Cleaning Mat for?

Our mat is the first ever portable shoe cleaning station. It protects
counters and allows for a quick clean-up. It is waterproof and foldable. Clean your shoes anywhere without making a mess. Just wipe or rinse
clean after using!

What's the All-Purpose Brush for?

The all-purpose brush is your ultimate cleaning buddy! It's incredibly versatile and designed to handle a wide range of materials with ease.

It is gentle on delicate materials and also a tough warrior against stubborn stains. No need to worry about damaging any material – our
all-purpose brush is engineered to clean effectively without causing harm.

The bristles are made from synthetic materials, we don't use animal hair ♥

How long for my shoes to dry?

Our foam is quick-dry and you don't need to add extra water when cleaning.

Just keep in mind that a deep clean (using a lot of foam) will require more drying time than a quick re-touch.

I have the kit and now I just need the foam. Can I buy it separately?

Of course! You can get a foam bottle refill here.

The Microfiber Towel ends up very dirty. What do I do with it?

Great! That means your shoes end up clean.

Our microfiber towel is machine washable and looong-lasting. You can also choose to wash it by hand and use it again and again ♻️

Do Shoozas products remove yellowing from white soles?

The yellowing you're noticing could be due to oxidation, a chemical reaction that causes certain materials to yellow. In such cases, our liquid cleaner won't be effective since it can't address oxidation. On the bright side, at least now you know what oxidation is! 😎

Shoozas Studio offers de-yellowing restoration services performed by professionals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews

Timely delivery, great product

Ty Gonzalez
Great products make sure to choose the right one. Great customer service.

I got my hands on this kit a while back and tried it on my sneakers. Gotta admit, it worked great on my AJs and other leather sneakers. BUT when I tried it on my running shoes, not much changed and the brush spread the dirt everywhere. I wrote to shoozas with my concern. They got back to me pretty quick and pointed out that their in-depth kit is the go-to for running shoes or something like yeezys with fabric. They even sent one kit over for free to try out. I'm not one to leave reviews, but I felt I owe it to the guy who helped me and sent the free stuff. Credit where credits due. The stuff actually works as they say. They tossed in a bunch of stickers that was really nice too.

Ben Pate
not great for white cloth/canvas. nice packaging though

after use on white cloth or canvas shoes they are more prone to getting dirty since the cleaner is not extracted. does only a moderate job of cleaning white cloth/canvas.


The best kit for cleaning leather sneakers. Comes with all the tools. The foam works and smells great!

Allan Cohen

Usually products like this do not work well, however after I tried this on my shoes, especially sneakers, the change is crazy. It literally cleans your shoes as if they are new again. Loved this product!!! Will definitely go buy again when I finish my bottle.